H&H Tax and Business Advisors


The Process that uses a step by step analysis of your business and how to improve growth and profitability


1) Person

To grow a company it depends on the leaders.  The leaders need a personal mission, reason and passion, to grow.  The business will only grow to the height of the leaders ability. 

2) Plan

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. A comprehensive business and personal financial plan must not only be created but must also be synchronized. A good plan does not just plan for growth and profit but makes us aware of risks and potential weak points. 

3) Product

While some owners and entrepreneurs love their creation, does it fill a need and is it profitable? 

4)  Process

What is the process you use to sell your products?  Is it complicated and bloated with log jams? Are their ways to improve the process?  

5) People

Once you understand the best process, do you have the right people to run it?  Does your organizational chart accommodate the best process and profitability? 


1) Measurement

Every part and piece of your business needs to be measured.  If you are still using spreadsheets or don't have every metric of your business at your fingertips, then your business is not being measured. 

2) Management

What do you do to manage your Person, Your Plan, Your Product, Your Process, Your People and your measurements?  What percent of your income do you invest in yourself? What percent of your income do you invest in learning how to manage better? What are you doing to improve the management of your business? 

3) Maneuver

What do you do to make a change?  Do you have a board of directors, a brain trust, a mastermind group, or is it just you looking in a mirror? You must be able to make quick moves to adjust to what you see within your Measurement and Management.